2016 Summer Scholars Seminar
Summer Scholars Seminar 2016

The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities offers a number of fellowships and scholarships that build research capacity within the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty and foster research connections and collaborations at local, national and international levels.

Faculty Fellowships provide teaching relief for University of Queensland staff to spend a semester working in the Institute to focus on a defined project in a research-intensive environment. 

Our HDR Fellowships are granted for one semester, and provide a chance for graduate students to be located in a research-intensive institute where they will benefit from the collegial and interdisciplinary environment of IASH. The fellowships are specifically designed to encourage the timely completion of the HDR Fellow’s dissertation rather than delay it.

IASH participates in Summer Scholarships program run by UQ's Careers and Employability section. This program gives students who have completed at least two years of study in Arts and are planning to do honours or a research higher degree.the opportunity to develop a research project and work under the supervision of a member of the Institute over the Summer break.

The Visiting Scholars Program aims to encourage exceptional scholars working in areas relevant to our research strengths to spend a period of time—from one or two weeks to several months—conducting research and collaborating with scholars within the Institute. The program is ideally suited to scholars who are on sabbatical or research leave and who are interested in collaborating with research staff in IASH, along with colleagues in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.