Brisbane refugee rights rally.

CSAA Conference 2019: Cultural Transformations

4 December 2019 12:00am6 December 2019 12:00am
ISS-45 Southeast Asia, NASA [Public domain]

Digital Transactions in Asia III

20 November 2019 12:00am22 November 2019 12:00am
This conference considers the instances and processes through which new sets of social, economic and political transactions are being established between markets and publics, citizens and states, cultures and commodities in a Digital Asia.
J.M. Coetzee with his audience, Photo by Mariusz Kubik, [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Hermeneutics and Ethics

24 July 2019 9:00am25 July 2019 3:00pm
Prof. John Milbank and Rev. Dr Rowan Williams

After Science and Religion Colloquium

11 July 2019 12:00am13 July 2019 12:00am