'Platform Economies in India: Implementation, Impact, Infrastructure and Aptitude'

IIT Bombay, Powhai
26-27th February 2020
  • Centre for Policy Studies, IIT Bombay,
  • Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi,
  • Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities & School of Communication and Arts, The University of Queensland.
  • Ministry of Human Resource Development (Government of India) and The University of Queensland.

In an era of network effects, the sheer size of India makes her platform economies central to the global digital economy. By contrast with other Asian states, India has neither signed up to be a 'taker' of global norms, nor excluded the interests of the major global technology companies. Nonetheless, at the policy level, India has yet to finalise a coherent set of regulatory or technical standards across this expanding sector. Consequently, the rapid expansion of digital platforms means that a comprehensive account of the social, cultural and economic implications of the digital economy for different regions and populations segments has yet to emerge. These range across critical questions of infrastructure, human rights, governance and public services, culture and consumption, business law, entrepreneurship and labour conditions, platform ownership and regulation, and in all these dimensions: equity and social justice.

Papers will explore the following topics:

  • Digital Infrastructure and Ecosystem Development
  • Platform Business Models and Commercial Ecospheres
  • Digital Media Content and Services
  • Platform Labour and Regulation
  • Public Services and Digital India
  • Intellectual Property, Privacy and Law
  • Cyber-security, Surveillance and Human Rights
  • User Studies and Digital Cultures

The overarching aim of this 2 day conference will be to advance an inter-disciplinary debate on the social impact, cultural dynamics and economic potentials of platform business models in India. We invite applicants from across all disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Business and Law, Information Technology, Civil Engineering and Science.

The aim of this event is to bring together scholars from across India, and the University of Queensland is pleased to offer up to ten travel bursaries for participants from any part of India with accepted papers, paying particular attention to supporting early career researchers pursuing cutting-edge research in the field.

Organising Committee:
  • Shishir K. Jha (Centre for Policy Studies, IIT Bombay)
  • Adrian Athique (Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Queensland).
  • Vigneswara Ilavarasan (Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi)
  • Pradip Thomas (School of Communication and Arts, University of Queensland)
  • Scott Fitzgerald (School of Business, Curtin University)

Queries to Associate Professor Adrian Athique.

Event Registration:

Registration for participants is free, and gives access to this event and the Digital Transactions in India conference on the following day. Registration for non-speakers is also free of charge, and a registration portal will be made available in December 2019 via EventBrite. Audience numbers for 'Digital Transactions in India' are strictly limited to 200, so please book attendance as early as possible.

Venue and accommodation


IIT Bombay, Powhai