UQ is one of five member Universities in the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (Europe 1100-1800). The Centre was established in 2011. From 2012, the UQ Node was an independent unit within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science before becoming part of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities in 2015, where it maintained significant independence.

The UQ Node of CHE was led by Professor Peter Holbrook, a specialist in English Renaissance Literature, particularly Shakespeare.

Research topics included:

  • reason and the passions in early modern literature and political philosophy
  • theology and the passions in medieval thought and literature
  • political theology and the eighteenth-century English novel
  • sentiment, stoicism, and secularization in the literature of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Britain
  • the passions in early modern art theory
  • emotion in German Baroque and Counter-Reformation music
  • English and Scottish battlefield memorials
  • the history of humanitarianism

UQ CHE ran a substantial public engagement program. This was co-ordinated by Xanthe Ashburner with the assistance of Sushma Griffin.


Professor Peter Holbrook (Director)

Ms Xanthe Ashburner (Education and Outreach Officer)

Sushma Griffin (Project Officer)

Dr Diana Barnes (UQ Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr Kenneth Chong (ARC Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr Brendan Chua (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr Spencer Jackson (ARC Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr Ross Knecht (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr Nicholas Luke (Research Fellow)

Associate Investigators

Dr Marina Bollinger (2011-2017)

Dr Andrea Bubenik (2011-2017)

Dr Jennifer Clement (2016)

Dr Denis Collins (2018)

Assoc. Prof. Dolly MacKinnon (2016)

Dr Lisa O'Connell (2011-2017)

Assoc. Prof. Samantha Owens (2011-2015)

Dr Alison Scott (2011-2017)

Assoc. Prof. Elizabeth Stephens (2016)

Scholarship Recipients

Jennifer Jorm

Lana Starkey