Grant No. SPARC/2018-2019/P305/SL funded by the Government of India

In an era of network effects, the sheer size of India  makes her platform economies central to the global digital economy. The overarching aim of this project will be a fuller understanding of the social impact, cultural dynamics and economic potentials of platform models in India, as well as exploring the implications of their transnational implications in a bilateral and regional context. By contrast with other Asian states, India has neither signed up to be a 'taker' of the platform economy nor excluded the interests of global technology companies. The rapid expansion of digital platform means that comprehensive account of the social, cultural and economic impact across regions and populations segments has yet to emerge.  At the policy level, India has yet to finalise a coherent set of regulatory or technical standards across this expanding sector. A foundational exploration of leading platform businesses and their users is needed to illuminate the ongoing evolution and potentials of the digital and informational economy in India.  To achieve this goal, this project will investigate the expansion of digital businesses, infrastructure and the emerging configurations of platform economies in the India. Our analysis will provide a detailed consideration of business models, technological affordances, social impact, policy conditions, and the underlying economics of media platforms operating across four key domains in India: 1) Digital Transactions, 4) Urban Transport Services, 3) Retail eCommerce and 4) Media Content Providers.

Project objectives:

Investigate the evolution of platform business models within India’s social and economic conditions.
Develop an analytical framework applicable to the infrastructural and regulatory conditions of India’s digital economy.
Build capacity in collaborative research and teaching curricula on the digital economy involving key institutions in India and Australia.
Demonstrate the significance of India’s platform economies to Australia and the wider Indo-Pacific region.
Illustrate the growing importance of India's platform economies for international audiences in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Business, Economics and Law.


Project members

Photo of Adrian Athique.

Associate Professor Adrian Athique

Associate Professor in Cultural Studies (Dec 2015 - Dec 2020)
Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
School of Communication and Arts