Immanent Hermeneutics in Modern and Postmodern Literature

March 2018August 2019
Universities Australia - Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme

The project aims to extend knowledge of hermeneutics, the procedural basis of most inquiries carried out in the humanities. It aims to do this by clarifying current issues in hermeneutics, in particular, how textual exegesis and ethical theory are connected. These connections are implicit in the major hermeneutic theory but not convincingly demonstrated. If these connections can be made clear, the project will show not only why hermeneutics must return to the centre of methodological debates in the human sciences. It will also show why modern school and university curricula must restore their focus on key works of literature and the ethical questions at their centre.

The project brings together Australian and German researchers for colloquia in Bonn in March 2018 and in Brisbane August 2018 and July 2019.

Project members

Photo of Tim Mehigan

Professor Tim Mehigan

Deputy Director & Professorial Research Fellow
Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
Photo of Nick Heron

Dr Nicholas Heron

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities