European Catholic Eugenics: towards a deeper understanding of a religious dialogue with science

January 2019December 2019
UQ Early Career Researcher

This project intends to examine the long-term intellectual roots of Catholic interpretation of eugenics. In this way, it will
locate the mutual involvement of scientific and religious perspectives in a particular historical setting: Catholic Italian
culture between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century.

Eugenics is a still living history. It had a strong influence on the modern world as we know it. It was at the origin of
immigration policies and the development of welfare, especially where family planning and public health are concerned.
This project will provide useful insights and transnational information about its history, showing its ties to religious values,
but it will also inform modern discussions about bioethical issues.

Project members

Lucia Pozzi

Dr Lucia Pozzi

Doctoral Student
Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities