The focus of this project is the centrality of digital payment systems to the growth of India's platform economy, and to the larger deveopment vision of Digital India. This project therefore aims to facilitate knowledge exchange across different stakeholders in India's FinTech sector and their Australian counterparts. It intends to foster collaboration across commerce, information technology and social sciences in academia, and to facilitate bilateral relationships in industry. It seeks to achieve these aims through:

  1. collaboration between leading research institutions in India and Australia on policy recommendations
  2. workshops facilitating dialogue between FinTech companies and academic experts
  3. establishing a research agenda that accounts for the social and cultural situation of digital transactions in India, and
  4. exchanges of academic and industry personnel between the two countries.

All these aspects of the project will be represented in a series of public engagement events in India and Australia over 2019/2020.

Project members

Photo of Adrian Athique.

Associate Professor Adrian Athique

Associate Professor in Cultural Studies (Dec 2015 - Dec 2020)
Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
School of Communication and Arts