Australian Cultural Fields: National and Transnational Dynamics (ARC Discovery Project led by the University of Western Sydney) (2014–2016)

January 2014December 2016
ARC Discovery Project

This interdisciplinary project investigates the shaping of Australian art, literary, media, sport, and heritage fields, individually and collectively, by the changing national and transnational environment since the 1994 national cultural policy Creative Nation. Like Creative Nation, its primary focus is on the relation between these fields and the nation, but also pays particular attention to the distinctive forms of cultural capital associated within and across these fields, especially ethnic cultural divisions and the distinctive presence of Indigenous culture. This project's empirical application and assessment of the concept of the 'cultural field' will contribute to the international development of cultural theory.

Project members

Graeme Turner

Emeritus Professor Graeme Turner

Professor of Cultural Studies
Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities