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BA, Dip. Ed. (Wollongong), BA Hons, BA Hons (ANU), PhD (UQ)

Jamie Freestone is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with an academic background in literature and a professional background in science communication. His PhD thesis, “The Sublime in Popular Science,” was the first major study of the genre by a literature scholar. He has written articles on contemporary evolutionary theory from a number of perspectives including narratology and feminist philosophy. He has also researched the nature of narrative and how narratives are used to communicate science in nonfiction formats, especially climate science.

He is currently working on Dr Ian Hesketh's ARC Future Fellowship project, On the Place of History in Science: Reassessing the Darwinian Revolution. His focus will be recent receptions of Darwinism, especially the reach of the Darwinism beyond a purely biological theory and how selective histories of Darwin and Darwinism are used today for rhetorical ends.

Jamie Freestone's engagement activities can be found here.

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The place of history in science: reassessing the Darwinian revolution
ARC Future Fellowship