Researcher biography

  • Past Degrees: MA (King's College, London), BSc (Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines)
  • Advisors: Prof. Kate Fisher (Exeter), Dr Jana Funke (Exeter), Prof. Peter Cryle (UQ), & Assoc. Prof. Elizabeth Stephens (UQ)
  • Thesis Title: Later Life Sexuality and its Genealogies of Knowledge: The Sciences of Sex and Ageing c.1850-1980 (working title)
  • Area of Research: My current project serves as a qualitative contribution to the Healthy Ageing strand of the QUEX Institute and examines the formation of scientific knowledges around ageing and sexuality. I trace shifts in understandings of the sexual older person across the intellectual genealogies of the (Western) sciences of sex and ageing beginning in the mid-nineteenth century to historicise how later life sexuality is conceptualised today. Within this, I pay particular attention to how diverse and often contradictory theories of sexual ageing were made possible by sociohistorically specific ways in which models of sex and time intertwined within scientific thought.