Researcher biography

BSc (Hons), MDiv, PhD (Oxon)

Victoria is Lecturer in Systematic Theology at Trinity College Queensland. She completed her PhD in 2018 through the University of Oxford in the area of science and religion, focusing on theological responses to human enhancement technology. She has previously completed a Master of Divinity with the Australian College of Theology and a Bachelor of Science (Hons), majoring in genetics and biochemistry, at the University of Western Australia. Apart from theology and science, her other academic interests include theology and literature, bioethics, the science of morality, and postliberal theology.

Select Publications

Peer-reviewed Aarticles

“Mind-Uploading and Embodied Cognition: A Theological Response” Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science 54(1), 2019: 191-206.

“Creatures Bound for Glory: Biotechnological Enhancement and Visions of Human Flourishing” (co-authored with Michael Burdett) Studies in Christian Ethics (published Online First, print forthcoming in May 2019).

“Human Flourishing, Joy, and the Prospect of Radical Life Extension” The Expository Times 129 (12), 2018: 554-561.

“The Scientific Character of the Created Co-Creator”, Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science 52 (3), 2017: 726-746.

“Are Scientific Research Programmes Applicable to Theology? On Philip Hefner’s Use of Lakatos”, Theology and Science 15 (2), 2017: 188-202.

“Church and Christ in the Work of Stanley Hauerwas” Ecclesiology 11, 2015: 306-326.

Book Chapters

“Imagining Human Futures: Co-Creation and Technological Enhancement” in Emerging Voices in Science and Religion, ed. A. McGrath and B. Sollereder (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2019).

“Stanley Hauerwas: Witnessing Communities of Character” in Revising Orthodoxies: The History and Future of Ecumenical Theology, ed. P. Peterson (Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, forthcoming 2019)

“Human Uniqueness and Technology: Are We Co-Creators with God?” in Issues in Science and Theology: Are We Special?, eds. M. Fuller, D. Evers, A. Runehov and K. Saether (New York, NY: Springer, 2017)