Researcher biography

  • Past degrees: BA, Philosophy and Sociology (Macquarie); MRes, Philosophy (Macquarie).
  • Supervisors: Professor Fred D’Agostino and Professor Katharine Gelber.
  • Thesis title: (Working Title) The Intellectual Dark Web and its Discontents: Towards a Deontic Conception of Deliberative Content.
  • Area of research: My research examines the socio-epistemic role that the newly-formed Intellectual Dark Web plays in the public deliberation of controversial ideas. Moreover, I examine how we can salvage the epistemic benefits of the deliberation of controversial ideas whilst preserving the moral character of deliberators. Pursuant of this aim, I offer a critique of the common consequentialist limitations on the content of deliberation and offer instead a deontic conception of such content. Other research interests include applied and experimental epistemology, political philosophy, and the ethics of belief.