Researcher biography

BA (La Trobe), DipEd (La Trobe), PhD (Griffith)

Ian Hunter was an Australian Professorial Fellow whose research has two main foci. Since the mid 1990s he has been working on the history of early modern political, religious and philosophical thought, focusing on the academic culture of the Holy Roman German Empire. During this time his publications have included Rival Enlightenments: Civil and Metaphysical Philosophy in Early Modern Germany (2001); Natural Law and Civil Sovereignty: Moral Right and State Authority in Early Modern Political Thought (2002) (co-edited with David Saunders); Heresy in Transition: Transforming Ideas of Heresy in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (2005) (co-edited with John Christian Laursen and Cary J. Nederman); and The Philosopher in Early Modern Europe: The Nature of a Contested Identity (2006) (co-edited with Conal Condren and Stephen Gaukroger). In collaboration with Thomas Ahnert and Frank Grunert, he has recently completed the first English translation of works by the early enlightenment political jurist Christian Thomasius. His most recent book is The Secularisation of the Confessional State: The Political Thought of Christian Thomasius (2007). Since 2004 Professor Hunter has been developing a second research area, on the ‘history of theory’, whose aim is to provide an intellectual history of the 1960s ‘theory boom’. A pilot study, ‘The History of Theory’, appeared in Critical Inquiry in 2006.

A listing of Ian Hunter's engagement activities can be found here.