Researcher biography

  • Degrees: BA (University of Auckland),BAHons (FirstClass) University of Auckland, MA (First Class) University of Auckland, PhD (UQ) (2013)
  • Supervisors: Prof Philip Almond, Dr A D (Dolly) McKinnon
  • Area of Research: My thesis explores a cultural history of religious practice in England (Norfolk and Suffolk) during the late medieval and early modern period. Its central question is how people practiced their faith within the context of the parish church during this period and how this changed over time. In order to analyse this change I examine how parish churches were fabricated: what objects were used or not used, destroyed or replaced; how was the church space used and by whom, and how did individuals or groups of individuals interact with each other within that space; what ceremonies were conducted for the purpose of worship, and how did the objects and the use of space employed for such purposes affect the experience of those that worshiped within its walls? By looking at the physical objects, space and ceremony of parish churches, it is hoped that a greater degree of insight can be gained into what faith meant for communities and how this played out in practice.