Researcher biography

  • Degrees:  Bach Law Hon (UQ); BA (UQ); Grad. Dip. Legal Prac. (ANU); PhD (2018)
  • Supervisor:  Dr. Tom Aechtner, Prof Peter Harrison, and Associate Prof. Phil Dowe.
  • Area of Research:  "Measuring Miracles in Young-earth Creationism." Since the publication of The Genesis Flood (1961), young-earth creationists have developed an elaborate epistemology rooted in conservative protestant doctrines of God and scripture. This framework focuses on the primeval events of a recent creation in six days, the fall, the flood of Noah and the Tower of Babel – not only because the Bible explicitly describes these events but because they are central pillars in the theological structure of salvation-history. This thesis will examine how creationists recognise miracles in these events and attempt to link them with scientific data. That study will draw out the intractable difficulties of deriving scientific implications from a framework punctuated by supernatural interventions of uncertain scope.