Researcher biography

  • Past Degrees: BA Hons Class I (UQ), MSc with distinction, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology (Oxford)
  • Supervisors: Prof. Peter Harrison, Prof. Philip Almond & Dr James Lancaster
  • Thesis Title: Mortalism and the Making of Heterodoxy┬á in England, 1690-1710
  • Area of Research: My research explores changing understandings of the human soul in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, focusing particularly on those who suggested that the soul was corruptible and material. Historians often associate materialist views with advances in medicine and natural philosophy, but my research demonstrates that in this period materialists developed their views through close engagement with scholarly and theological debates. I am interested the relationship between natural philosophy, medicine, and theology in the early modern period, and my work lies at the intersections of history of science and medicine, history of the book, history of scholarship, and the digital humanities.
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