Researcher biography

  • Past Degrees: BA, Psychology (University of Johannesburg); Honours BA Cum Laude, Psychology (North-West University); MA with Distinction, Clinical Psychology (Rhodes University); MSc with Distinction, History of Science, Medicine and Technology (University of Oxford)
  • Supervisors: Dr Ian Hesketh and Professor Peter Harrison
  • Thesis Title: Evolution and the politics of morality: the secularisation of morality in nineteenth-century Britain
  • Area of Research: My research focuses on the moral discourses that developed around the proliferation of Darwinian theories of evolution in late Victorian Britain. Other research interests include psychoanalysis, psychology, and evolutionary science. My article “Thomas Robert Malthus, Naturalist of the Mind” was recently awarded the Annals of Science Best Paper Prize for 2019.


Meiring, H. (2020). Thomas Robert Malthus, naturalist of the mind, Annals of Science, 77(4), 495-523,    DOI:

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