Secrets of the Tribe

Directed by José Padilha

(2010, 110min)

This award-winning and controversial documentary looks at the history of anthropology among the Yanomamö Indians in the Amazon Basin. It provides a warts-and-all account of anthropological fieldwork in this part of the Amazon, covering issues such as the representation of indigenous peoples within academia, sexual coercion, medical consent, and anthropology’s colonial legacy. The documentary pits the main actors against each other through extensive interviews and archival footage.

Following the screening, UQ anthropologist, Dr. Alex Gearin, will present a short talk on shamanism, exoticism, and the ethics of anthropological representation to flesh out some of the key issues in the film.


Each documentary is introduced by one or two invited speakers, who will give some background and lead an informal discussion, with plenty of opportunity for Q&A. All students and staff at UQ are welcome to attend, but we particularly encourage the participation of undergraduate students in their second or third year, as well as honours and RHD students.

31 October, 4 pm, Seminar Room, Level 4 Forgan Smith Tower, University of Queensland, St Lucia



Seminar Room, Level 4 Forgan Smith Tower (Building #1)