This is a networking event involving medical humanities researchers at the University of Exeter and the University of Queensland. We will consider current programs and possible new directions for research in the medical humanities, assessing the opportunities for collaborative research. We will also discuss undergraduate curricula in medial humanities, paying close attention to the challenges for teaching opened up by research. We expect in the course of our meeting to discuss questions raised by interdisciplinary practice, including the place of specific disciplinary discourses within the field.


9.30 Tea and Coffee on Arrival
10.00 First Morning Panel (Chair: Karin Sellberg)
Karin Sellberg (IASH)
Owain Williams (School of Public Health)
Eimear Enright (School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences)
10.45 Break
11.00 Postgraduate Student Panel (Chair: Karin Sellberg)
Paige Donaghy (IASH)
Cassie Byrnes (School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry)
Emily Poore (School of Communication and Arts)
11.30 Second Morning Panel (Chair: Peter Cryle)
Allison Fish (School of Law)
Rebecca Olsen (School of Social Science)
12.00 Lunch
1.00 Jana Funke and Kate Fisher (Medical Humanities, University of Exeter)
2.00 Break
2.15 Afternoon Panel (Chair: Lisa Featherstone)
Lisa Featherstone (School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry)
Dolly MacKinnon (School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry)
Anna Johnston (IASH/School of Communication and Arts)
Alastair Blanshard (School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry)
3.15 Discussion: The Medical Humanities in Australia (Facilitator: Karin Sellberg)
3.30 Coffee Break
3.45 – 4.30 Round Table (Chair: Peter Cryle)
Kate Fisher, Jana Funke, Lisa Featherstone, Karin Sellberg

Research Interests of UQ speakers:

Alastair Blanshard (Classics, Aesthetics, Health)
Lisa Featherstone (Australian Context, Reproduction, Law, Medicine)
Allison Fish (Law, Science, Society)
Peter Hill (Population Health, Tropical Medicine)
Owain Williams (Population Health)
Anna Johnston (Australia, Colonial Science, Collecting)
Dolly MacKinnon (Early Modern History, History of Psychiatry, Trafficking Bodies)
Eimear Enright (School-based Health and Education)
Rebecca Olson (Sociology, Cancer)
Karin Sellberg (Early Modern Medicine, Reproduction, Medical Humanities)

Research Interests of Exeter participants:

Kate Fisher (History of Sexuality, History of Birth Control)
Jana Funke (History of Sexuality, History of Sexology)