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14 March 2019

History as Wonder

This seminar turns on one idea: that history is strange.  In unpacking this idea, Marnie Hughes-Warrington will outline the journey to and beyond a new history of histories told in her History as Wonder (2018). Using a variety of histories from different times and places, she will show how the discipline of history carries the imprint of its entanglement with philosophy, and more particularly our most basic attempts to make sense of things in metaphysics. This will set the stage for a brief glimpse of her new work, on the relationship between the scales of history and ethics.

Marnie Hughes-Warrington is professor of history at the Australian National University. She is the author of several historiography books, including Fifty Key Thinkers on History (three editions), History Goes to the Movies (2007), Revisionist Histories (2013) and History as Wonder (2018).



Public seminars held at 4pm in Seminar Room, Level 4 Forgan Smith Tower, The University of Queensland, St Lucia

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Level 4 Forgan Smith Tower
The University of Queensland
St Lucia
Seminar Room 402