IASH/History Documentary Series 2019

My Long Neck

(directed by Shalom Almond, 2013, 53m)

My Long Neck follows the life of Maja, a young woman who proudly wears 16 coils of brass around her neck, which signifies she is a “long neck” Kayan woman from Burma. For 20 years, she has lived “on display” in a tourist village in Thailand, being constantly photographed and viewed. After a chance meeting with filmmaker Shalom Almond, Maja takes the opportunity to film her life and show what is like to live in a “human zoo”.

This film explores themes about the objectification of bodies, particularly “exotic” bodies, and the effects that this has on those who are turned into tourist commodities. It also examines tensions between tradition, rebellion and autonomy, with Maja struggling to remain a “long neck” woman in the “human zoo”.

This event is sponsored by HASS Student Futures. The screening will be followed by FREE DRINKS AND SNACKS as well as an informal conversation with the filmmaker Shalom Almond and Dr Mair Underwood (HASS) – and plenty of opportunity for Q&A with the audience.

Tuesday 9th April, 4pm

Location: Seminar Room 402, Level 4 Forgan Smith Tower, UQ


About IASH/History Documentary Series 2019

The IASH/History documentary series an outreach and enrichment activity for students in the Faculty. Events usually comprise the screening of a documentary film followed by a Q&A panel with experts in the field. In 2019, the series is being sponsored by HASS Student Futures.


Level 4 Forgan Smith Tower, UQ
Seminar Room 402