IASH/History Documentary Series

OUT In the Line-Up

(directed by Ian Thomson, 2016, 70m)


(directed by Tracey Moffat, 1997, 20m)

This documentary screening will explore Australian surfing culture by showing OUT In the Line-Up and Heaven, two films that challenge dominant narratives about surfing and beach culture. Out In the Line-Up examines how surfing cultures worldwide are explicitly and implicitly homophobic, from the perspective of two gay surfers who aim to challenge exclusion and discrimination. The film explores the challenges that competitive surfers in particular face, in a sport supposedly based on ideas of freedom of spirit and creativity.

By contrast, Heaven provokes reflection on how surfing and beach culture objectifies the female body, by turning the “female gaze” onto the bodies of male surfers and beachgoers. Tracey Moffat films various men – who are aware and sometimes not aware of her camera – as they get undressed or get ready to surf. Moffat captures masculine “Aussie” beach culture whilst also turning it on its head.

This event is sponsored by HASS Student Futures. The screening will be followed by FREE DRINKS AND SNACKS as well as a conversation with Dr Rebecca Olive (HMNS) and Michael Aird (Director of the Anthropology Museum) with plenty of opportunity for Q&A with the audience.

Tuesday 26th March, 4pm

Location: Anthropology Museum, Level 1 Michie Building (9)

About IASH/History Documentary Series 2019

The IASH/History documentary series an outreach and enrichment activity for students in the Faculty. Events usually comprise the screening of a documentary film followed by a Q&A panel with experts in the field. In 2019, the series is being sponsored by HASS Student Futures.


Level 1 Michie Building (9)
Anthropology Museum