IASH Documentary Series 2019

The Muffled Scream (Le cri étouffé), 73 minutes

Directed by Manon Loizeau
Co-authored by Annick Cojean

On the afternoon preceding the visit to UQ by acclaimed French journalist and author Annick Cojean (https://www.afbrisbane.com/cultural-events/annick-cojean/), the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities is proud to screen The Muffled Scream (Le Cri étouffé), a documentary directed by Manon Loizeau and co-authored by Annick Cojean on the topic of rape as a weapon of war in Syria. The film documents accounts from a number of courageous Syrian women who were arrested, tortured and raped during the war and who have survived to tell their own stories as well as those of others who were victims of atrocities under the Assad regime. Many of these women find themselves doubly punished, having suffered unspeakable trauma then rejected by their own families and communities. Please join us for the screening of this exceptional film. 

The screening will be followed by an informal conversation with experts in the field – and plenty of opportunity for Q&A with the audience.

Please, RSVP on EVENTBRITE or to Karin Sellberg (k.sellberg@uq.edu.au) by 10am Monday 18 February.


Monday 18th February, 3pm-5pm

Location: Seminar Room 402, Level 4 Forgan Smith Tower, UQ

About IASH/History Documentary Series 2019

The IASH/History documentary series an outreach and enrichment activity for students in the Faculty. Events usually comprise the screening of a documentary film followed by a Q&A panel with experts in the field. In 2019, the series is being sponsored by HASS Student Futures.


Level 4 Forgan Smith Tower, UQ
Seminar Room 402,