The Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies was established in 2000 with the support of the Vice-Chancellor's Strategic Development fund and the Faculty of Arts, now the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Centre's objective was to develop humanities research within the University and to promote its benefits within the wider community.
Australian work within the broad fields of critical and cultural studies is on the cutting edge of contemporary humanities research internationally. As a key area within the 'new humanities' – literary and critical theory, film and media studies, and cultural studies – research in critical and cultural studies has played a crucial role in extending our capacity to understand our social, political, and cultural environments.


  • November 2013: Emeritus Professor Graeme Turner is part of a successful research team that received funding for an ARC Discovery Project.
  • June 2013: Professor Gay Hawkins and Dr Morgan Richards secure funding for ARC Linkage Project with ABC.
  • November 2012: Professor Gay Hawkins is elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.
  • November 2012: Professor Gay Hawkins is successful in 2012 ARC funding round.
  • February 2012: Professor Graeme Turner is re-appointed to the new-look Prime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council (PMSEIC).
  • October 2010: Dr Anna Pertierra, Professor Graeme Turner and Associate Professor Anita Harris are successful in 2010 ARC funding round.
  • October 2009: Dr Mark Andrejevic and Dr Melissa Bellanta are succesful in 2009 ARC funding round.
  • July 2009: Dr Melissa Bellanta wins the 2008 John Barrett Award for Australian Studies.
  • September 2008: Professor Graeme Turner is appointed to the Prime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council (PMSEIC).
  • June 2008: The Centre wins award for Most Improved Green Office Area.
  • September 2007: Dr Melissa Gregg is awarded a UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award.
  • June 2007: The Centre wins award for Best New Green Office.
  • May 2006: Professor Graeme Turner is awarded with a Federation Fellowship.
  • December 2005: Dr Gerard Goggin and Associate Professor Christopher Newell receive the Human Rights Arts Non-Fiction Award, for their book Disability in Australia: Exposing a Social Apartheid, UNSW Press, 2004.
  • November 2004: Professor Graeme Turner is elected as President of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, for a three-year term.
  • October 2004: Dr Gerard Goggin is awarded an Australian Research Fellowship for his project "Mobile Culture: A Biography of the Mobile Phone".
  • September 2004: Dr Gerard Goggin receives University of Queensland Research Excellence Award.
  • August 2004: The ARC Cultural Research Network is approved as one of 24 Research Networks, with Professor Graeme Turner as convenor.
  • October 2003: Dr Mark McLelland is awarded an Australian Postdoctoral Award for his project "Local Culture/Global Space: Japanese Minority Sexualities and the Internet".

Centre Members

Following its inception in 2000, the Centre hosted 22 postdoctoral research fellows  whose projects are generally funded either by The University of Queensland, or the Australian Research Council.

Research Staff

Professor Gay Hawkins (Director, 2012-2014; Deputy Director, 2011-2012; Professorial Research Fellow, 2011-2014)
Professor Graeme Turner (Director, 2000-2012)
Associate Professor Mark Andrejevic (Deputy Director, 2012-2014; UQ Postdoctoral Fellow, 2007-2009; ARC QEII Research Fellow, 2009-2014)
Dr Melissa Bellanta (UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2007-2010; ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2010-2013)
Dr Rebecca Coates (Research Fellow - Mapping the Social Sciences and Humanities in Australia 2014)
Dr Amy Shields Dobson (UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2014-2017)

Professor Gerard Goggin (UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 200-2003;  ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2004-2005)
Dr Ben Goldsmith (Senior Research Fellow 2010)
Dr Melissa Gregg (ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2004-2008)
Associate Professor Ramaswami Harindranath (Principal Research Fellow, 2011)
Associate Professor Anita Harris (UQ Mid-Career Research Fellow, 2007-2010)
Dr Richard Iveson (UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2014-2017)
Dr Sukhmani Khorana (Postdoctoral Research Fellow - ARC Federation Fellow Project, 2011-2012)
Dr Abigail Loxham (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2011-2014)
Professor Geert Lovink (UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2003)
Professor Carmen Luke (Professorial Research Fellow, 2005-2007)
Dr Adrian Mabbott Athique (UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2006-2007)
Associate Professor Mark McLelland (UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2000-2003; ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2003-2006)
Dr Anna Christina Pertierra (Postdoctoral Research Fellow - ARC Federation Fellow Project, 2007-2010; ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2011-2013)
Dr Catherine Phillips (ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2014)
Dr Morgan Richards (UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2011-2014)
Dr Graham St John (UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2002-2005)
Dr Jinna Tay (Postdoctoral Research Fellow - ARC Federation Fellow Project, 2007-2010)
Dr Anthea Taylor (UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2009-2013)
Dr Zala Volčič (UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2008-2011)
Dr Kitty van Vuuren (UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2005-2007)

Honorary Research Staff

The Centre hosted a number of honorary or affiliated researchers whose projects covered a broad range of the Centre's core interests. These were often former fellows, visiting scholars, or colleagues who were spending time researching between appointments.

Associate Professor Mark Andrejevic (Honorary Research Associate Professor)
Dr Karen Brooks (Honorary Senior Research Fellow)
Dr Matthew Campora (Honorary Research Fellow)
Dr Lincoln Dahlberg (Honorary Research Fellow)
Professor Raymond Evans (Honorary Senior Rsearch Fellow)
Associate Professor Anita Harris (Honorary Research Associate Professor)
Dr Abigail Loxham (Honorary Research Fellow)
Professor Jim McKay (Honorary Senior Research Fellow)
Dr Morgan Richards (Honorary Research Fellow)
>Emerita Professor Kay Saunders AM (Honorary Research Affiliate)
Dr Zala Volčič (Honorary Senior Research Fellow)

Further information on the Centre's activities can be found in its annual reports.