Territories of Science and Religion translated into Spanish

4 Feb 2020

Book cover.Professor Peter Harrison’s 2015 book, The Territories of Science and Religion, has now been translated into Spanish.

This follows previous translations into Chinese (2016) and Portuguese (2017). A Greek translation is in progress.

The Territories of Science and Religion is based on the Professor Harrison’s Gifford Lectures. It was awarded the 2015 Aldersgate Prize. The selection committee described it as “a highly learned and penetrating refutation of prevailing notions that the conflict between science and religion is timeless and inevitable” with the “potential to alter the course of some of our most important cultural conversations.” 

The translation work for the Spanish volume was undertaken by Dr Ignacio Silva, a Research Fellow at the Philosophy Institute Universidad Austral, and an Associate Member of the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford.