IASH welcomes new staff members - Nicholas Luke and Lucia Pozzi

13 Jul 2017

IASH has welcomed two new staff members in recent weeks.

Dr Nicholas Luke joined IASH on 26 June 2017. Nick is a Research Fellow in the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions. His primary focus is on Shakespeare but connects this with interests in philosophy, religion, and law. Nick is working on two projects during his fellowship. The first is an article that links Shakespeare’s late plays to the High Court of Australia’s Mabo No 2 decision, provisionally entitled ‘A Lawful Magic: A New World of Precedent in Mabo and Shakespeare’s Late Plays’. The article connects with a larger research project on ‘resurrection events’ in Shakespeare’s late plays. This book project will explore how, in the aftermath of the tragedies, Shakespeare’s late plays dramatise an emotion – and motion – of ‘resurrection’. Of particular interest is how this drama of resurrection entails a different approach to both character and time. Although the project will be centred on Shakespeare’s dramatic technique, it will also explore Early Modern discourses of resurrection and engage with more recent philosophical attempts to redefine our approaches to history and the self. 

Dr Lucia Pozzi commenced with IASH on 3 July 2017. Lucia is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2017-2020) in the Institute. Her postdoctoral project intends to investigate how the Catholic Church modified and adapted itself to scientific modernity, through an exploration of its encounter with nineteenth-century and twentieth-century medicine. Proceeding from the analysis of female sexuality in Catholic thinking, it focuses on the entanglement between religion and science and between modernity and scientific development. Her study thus bridges long-standing strengths of IASH, that is the research in the history of sexuality, and its new focus on relations between science and religion, the topic of Prof. Peter Harrison’s ARC Laureate Project on Science and Secularization.

We are delighted to have both Nick and Lucia with us.