IASH Welcomes Trish Ross

4 Sep 2017

IASH is delighted to welcome Dr Trish Ross as a new Postdoctoral Research Fellow on IASH’s Science and Secularization project. Trish joined us on Monday 4 September.

Trish is an early modern intellectual historian with a recent PhD in History from Duke University, “Care of Bodies, Cure of Souls: Religion and Medicine in Early Modern Germany.”

During her Fellowship, Trish will work on a new project titled “Anthropologia: From Aristotelianism to Ethnography (and Beyond).” It will investigate a set of largely overlooked early modern sources which demonstrate that early modern thinkers operated across what are today considered to be distinct disciplines, integrating empirical research and experimentation with intricate natural philosophy and complicated theologies. It will explore the connections between these works and the emergence of 19th and 20th Century anthropology, providing an as yet untold history of the pre-modern study of human persons that shaped modern social science in ways as yet poorly understood.

Trish comes to us with an excellent record of academic achievement and teaching experience and we very much look forward to her joining in the life of IASH over the term of her fellowship.