IASH Scholar takes up Princeton Research Grant

24 Sep 2018

Next week, Trish Ross will be travelling to the US to take up her 2018-2019 Friends of the Princeton University Library research grant.

"I'm quite excited" Trish says of this great opportunity. "The Princeton Rare Books library has a great collection of sources relevant to my current book project about medicina sacra, a completely overlooked body of literature in which early modern physicians and theologians analysed accounts of disease and healing in the Bible, either to debate and discuss the illnesses and cures described, or just to use the Bible as a source of medical history. These sources were produced at the same time that modern critical scholarship of the Bible started to take off, including big commentaries and crucial critical editions of the Bible. Sometimes works of medicina sacra are found reproduced in critical texts; sometimes works of medicina sacra are just referenced. Princeton holds a nice collection of critical biblical editions and related literature. These are the sorts of huge books that are very hard to use in digital editions, especially for compare and contrast work." 

"I’m also looking forward to working with colleagues at Princeton."

Trish will make the most of the trip, combining it with a couple of days research at Yale and giving a paper and participating in a roundtable at the Sixteenth Century Studies Society conference in New Mexico.