Cultures and Values - Semester 1 ILH Public Seminar Program now available.

2 Mar 2018

Intellectual and Literary History Public Seminar Program
Semester 1 2018


Cultures and Values

The related concepts of ‘cultures’ and ‘values’ provide us with lenses for understanding the world.  But these concepts are themselves, to a large degree, historical products. The presentations in this seminar series will look at ways in which these and similar categories have been deployed in different contexts—past and present—offering critical reflections on the relationship between them, and on their adequacy as analytical tools.  


22 March The Surprise of Conversion: Aboriginal Histories of Mission Encounters Dr Laura Rademaker, ANU

April 5

Western Imaginings of Islam, 1700 to the Present

Emeritus Professor Phil Almond, UQ, IASH
19 April

Cultural Diversity and the International Order

Professor Christian Reus-Smit UQ
10 May The Value of Stories in an Age of Reconciliation Professor Pamela Klassen, University of Toronto
24 May Trivial Pursuits: Virtue and Truth in the Liberal Arts  Professor Simon Haines, Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation
7 June Literature, History, Value: The Case for British Romanticism Professor Willliam Christie, ANU


All seminars held at 4.00pm in Room 402, Forgan Smith Tower
The University of Queensland

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