Walkabout Magazine Digitization Project

4 Dec 2018

Anna's “Walkabout Magazine and the Digital Humanities,” project was awarded funding under the HASS Partnership Funding Scheme, commencing 2018. The research team includes UQ literary history and art history academics working collaboratively with UQ Library digitisation experts and the National Library of Australia (NLA).

The project used Walkabout magazine to pose innovative research questions through new open-access digital humanities resources.

Popular mid Century magazines created imagined communities through the innovative media technologies of their time, and provide a model through which to explore questions about readership, national identity, and cultural consumption that cannot be answered solely through traditional humanities/social science methodologies.

This project resulted in the full run of Walkabout (1934-74) being available in the NLA’s open access TROVE dataset, with an innovative merging of a fully annotated bibliography with the metadata. The digitized material allowed the team to test their methodology and build an interdisciplinary and national collaboration linking researchers; university, state and national libraries; and the public. Working with Trove and the NLA, the UQ team allowed the development of research questions of mutual significance to academic, technical, and industry sectors.